A Message from Dr. Bell  

December 09, 2014
What a mess! I apologize in advance for anyone who has a meeting at ESU 10 prior to the Christmas break. The north wing of the building is ripped up and new carpet and paint is in the process of being installed. Please be careful as you wander the halls. Our Worker Compensation carrier will not be very happy with me if someone turns an ankle. Just know that we really, really, really mean it if you see wet paint signs in our facility. The elves here may be a bit grumpy since we need to move furniture to accomplish this remodeling project, but you can join me in telling them all it is the delightful price of progress --- and then duck. That seems to work best for me, although I don’t move as quickly as I did just a few years ago!  

The staff is preparing the lists of questions to be asked when we visit all of the ESU 10 school districts again. More information will be shared with school district leadership soon after the Christmas break. I thank you in advance for meeting with ESU 10 staff. The information we gain has proven to be invaluable as we “partner with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support.”

We are also waiting for confirmation that our application has been approved so that we can move forward with AdvanceEd. It is our thought that we will be prepared for a Readiness Visit in about 6 months. Hopefully this process will affirm the ESU 10 mission and provide us opportunities to meet your needs even better than we do now. The ESU 10 Unit Improvement Team under the direction of Kelly Clapp is moving forward to accomplish one of my favorite anonymous quotes, “Good things happen when you make sure that good things happen.” Kelly is heading us in the right direction.

My Christmas present to all of you is that I will keep these comments pithy. Here’s hoping you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.