A Message From Dr. Bell  

February 10, 2014
Thanks to the enlightened leadership of the ESU 10 Priority Area Committee chaired by Brian Garey and Tobin Houlden, I and the designated crew of the day have just returned from our tenth school district visit with number 11 scheduled for tomorrow morning. The visits were prompted by discussions within this committee as they attempt to assist our customers in identifying and achieving their goals. To do this we first of all had to discover what services are being provided to each district by a process that involved all ESU 10 staff members, and then discover answers to key questions about how school districts go about teaching and learning in each of their locales. This has proven to be an informative and enjoyable experience. Not only are we gathering pertinent, factual information from each school district which will be placed in a school district profile, but we have also found that this is an excellent venue to share what is being done here. These profiles will be maintained and updated each year as changes occur in school districts. The anecdotal records of these trips will also be shared with the entire ESU 10 staff to better inform them of the needs and challenges of your school districts.

The interaction between ESU 10 and school district leadership personnel has been very gratifying for me to observe. This provides us the opportunity to better meet needs in a wide variety of areas. Some solutions are definitely school district specific, but we also find that many of you struggle with similar challenges which should allow us to aggregate help to a broader group which will be efficient and cost effective. The added bonus for me is to spend days in the ESU 10 “Smurfmobile” listening to, and interacting with, ESU 10 staff members on a professional and personal basis. It has definitely been a rejuvenating and rewarding experience for me. It has also reminded me of the excellent staff at ESU 10 that we have available to serve all of you as we “partner with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support”.  

On another note it is that legislative time of year. Be sure to stay current and involved with what is happening in the Nebraska Legislature. Senators need your information and comments to make informed decisions on a variety of topics that directly and indirectly affect you.    

On a lighter note – I did make it back in one piece from Thailand where I had the opportunity to view a national protest up close and personal, walked across the bridge over the River Kwai, discovered just how great a Thai massage really is, learned a great deal about the Thai royal family, saw temple, temple, temple, and had the opportunity to ride off in the jungle on a large elephant. I did find that pan fried insects were fairly tasty, but could not pull the trigger when it came to the roasted field mice at a roadside stop. My wife tells me it tasted like greasy chicken. I took pictures.

So in conclusion, I encourage you to expand your palates here at ESU 10 as you sample the many programs and services available. We understand that not everything served here will be desirable or wanted, but use what works for you. Thank you for partnering with us.