Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship 2014 Contest Winners  

March 20, 2014

Nebraska AG & ESU Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship
Poster and PSA Contest Winners - 2014

To promote Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship the Nebraska Attorney General’s office and the state Educational Service Units (ESUs) hold an annual Poster and PSA (Public Service Announcement) contest. Within three grade level divisions (K-4, 5-8, 9-12), there are five categories: Hand-drawn posters, Computer-generated posters, Audio PSAs and Video PSAs (which must be under 30 seconds), and an Open category for brochures, documentaries, etc. (anything doesn’t fit in the other categories).  Each district may submit one entry per category within each grade-level division.

The entries are judged at their regional ESU with the winning entries in each category moving on to the state ESU organization where they are judged once again. The state winning submissions are sent to the Nebraska State Attorney’s office for use in Internet Safety Campaigns throughout the year.

Entries by the following students were selected as winners at the state level.

Grades K-4
•    Hand-drawn Poster – Faith McDonald (Grade 4) Centura Elementary, Cairo NE
•    Computer-Generated Poster – Jaci Larsen (Grade 3) Burwell Elementary, Burwell NE
•    Open –  Southern Valley 1st Grade Class (Grade 1) Southern Valley Elementary, Oxford NE

Grades 5-8
•    Hand-drawn Poster – Esmeralda Maya (Grade 8) Columbus Middle School, Columbus NE
•    Computer-generated Poster – Emily Pick (Grade 8) Columbus Middle School, Columbus NE
•    Video PSA – Kylee Munson, Trevan Rut, Colton Storer, Kate Miles, Kasey Channer (Grade 7) Arthur County Public Schools, Arthur NE
•    Open – Fryda Moine, Nadia Garzoria, Gustavo Garzoria, Sarah Avila (Grades 4-5) Madison Elementary, Madison NE

Grades 9-12
•    Hand-drawn Poster – MacKenzie Brandl (Grade 9) Stanton High School, Stanton NE
•    Computer-generated Poster – Lindsy Siegel (Grade 11) Litchfield High School, Litchfield NE
•    Video PSA – Ryley Weller, Charlie Berney, Jayden Dvorak, Joseph Kleier (Grade 10-11) Palmer Public Schools, Palmer NE

Congratulations to the state winners! In addition to this recognition, the winners are invited to attend the Governor’s signing of the Proclamation of June as Internet Safety month on April 9, 2014 at the State Capitol in Lincoln.  More information will follow. The time, effort and creativity of ALL the students who entered the contest is greatly appreciated.

Words to live by in a digital world:
Respect and protect yourself. Respect and protect others. Respect and protect digital property.  
Andrew Churches

-The Nebraska AG & ESU Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Committee