Technology Tips for Teachers  

July 10, 2013
For my last T3 article I thought I would end with a Top 10 list. Many of the tools on the list have been covered in past articles, but I thought it would be a great way to recap the last two years with T3.

Number 10: Twitter
As a communication tool Twitter is awesome.  One of the best examples of the power of Twitter is the #nebedchat opportunity. Every Wednesday night during the school year educators get together via Twitter to discuss and share ideas.  

Number 9: Microsoft Word
I know this is the English teacher in me, but Word is a powerful word processing application.  The track changes option is a great tool for editing and feedback.

Number 8: Voice to Text (Google Drive app)
I have to thank Deana Stall for this.  The option to dictate ideas on the go is a game changer.  Instead of letting ideas go and trying to remember them later, I can record them right then.  

Number 7: All My Faves

If you want to know about what is new or popular on the net, then you need to visit All My Faves on a weekly base.

Number 6: Scratch
Scratch is a site that teaches users how to program. Scratch 2.0 allows users to create projects right from the web browser. Alice is a 3D programming option for students who master Scratch.

Number 5: Symbaloo
I have a ton of bookmarks.  Symbaloo allows me to create visual “mixes” of bookmarks that I can share with others.

Number 4: Tellagami app
For creative and easy animated movies, Tellagami is the tool to use.  The option to save to the camera roll to use with other apps like iMove, or share on social media makes Tellagami both a fun and educational app.

Number 3: Flickr
I love photos.  Honestly, there are a number of photo services available.  Flickr allows me to upload from my mobile device, create sets, and build connections with others.  Maybe the best part is the ability to find photos under Creative Commons license to use in the classroom.

Number 2: Aurasma
Aurasma is an app / site that allows you to add augmented reality to your classroom. You can layer content on any image, like in a book or poster on the wall.  It is an exciting way to make content come alive in the classroom.

Number 1: Technology
OK, I know this seems like a simple number one, but at the moment in our society it is the best representation of the flux we are in.  Some of my favorite sites are gone, new apps are being developed, and it took five generations before I even got an iPhone.  Yet, when used correctly, technology can enhance our lives in a powerful and lasting way.  

Thank you for reading the last two years.  I can always be contacted through Twitter at jdog90.  Have a great summer.

- Jamey Boelhower, Remote Learning Specialist