Technology Tips For Teachers  

January 17, 2013

Happy New Year! I’m sure many of you have New Year’s resolutions to accomplish this year. I bet some of your resolutions are centered on the idea of getting things done. To help you keep your resolutions I have an app for you: 30/30.

30/30 is a simple and useful task manager. You create a list of things that you want done, decide on how much time you want to give to each task and you are on your way to a productive day. The powerful part is that if you have set of tasks you need to do on a regular bases, 30/30 allows you to keep your list and use it any time.

As an example I have a grading task list. I have a set time to grade homework then I have a set time to check in on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook and then I give myself a few minutes to get up and move around.

Another cool aspect of the app is the option to loop your task list. Most nights I have to loop my grading task list at least twice.

The controls are simple and gesture based. If you need to rearrange your list you simply swipe left to move a task to the bottom or swipe right to delete a task. There are a number of personalization options for your tasks like color, icon choices and the alert sounds.

I find that I use this timer in all kinds of different situations. Over the holiday break my son had basketball practice and I set up 30/30 for a shooting drill in a matter of seconds. This is the app to help you focus on what you need to accomplish. It will help you keep some of those New Year’s resolutions.