Technology Tips For Teachers  

February 11, 2013


Overview: Snapguide is designed for users to create visual based how-to guides. That’s it. Sounds simple. It is, and that is what makes it great. The guides are built around teaching how to do something through pictures and videos. Adding text is a part of the process, but you are limited to 200 characters on each page. Once your guide is finished you publish it to Snapguide’s site, then you can share it through other social media sites.
Why I like it:
It is easy and fun to make a guide. Another bonus to the app is the Snapguide community. You can investigate other guides, or follow someone who makes guides covering subjects your are interested in. Be prepared to interact through the comment option with people who like your Snapguides.
Use in the classroom:
I have a Process essay unit for my writing class. I showed the students Snapquide as an option to create a “visual how-to” assignment (the students had a number of options). Three students used Snapguide. Below are their guides.
How to French Twist Hair
How to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies
How to Make Ramen Noodles in the Microwave

Each guide was viewed at least 500 times. Each had at least 50 loves. And each got at least one comment. This is the power of creating work that connects beyond the classroom.

The other side of Snapguide is finding guides to enhance what you are doing in class. There are guides that could be used in art class, industrial arts, or music.

Snapguide’s focus is to allow users to make and find great step-by-step guides. It is a great example of how we can share our knowledge with people who also enjoy our interest. Using Snapguide is a great way to enhance any lesson that is centered on how to do something. Share your guides with me via Twitter (jdog90).