A Message From Dr. Bell  

May 08, 2013
This article has been taking its sweet time formulating in my brain. I had someone in the office ask me what I would like to do today. I responded,”I’m not sure. Let’s think…”

Their response was “No, let’s do something you can do, too.”

I’m really going to miss that person!

Seriously, this is the time of year that often feels overwhelming as deadlines loom. We have our share of challenges here at ESU 10 as we identify our resources to “partner with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support.”

I’ve taken a quick look at the initial data gained from the current ESU 10 Customer Satisfaction Survey. It’s good to see that there is still a great majority of support for ESU 10 programs, but there are also some challenges out there that need to be addressed. Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. I understand a few folks had some trouble navigating their way through the questions. We’ll fine tune things to make responding even easier next year. One should never need to struggle to enter an opinion. This is especially true now that I saw a recent poll that said that 78 percent of those polled said they disliked being polled. Isn’t data a wonderful thing?

The survey responses centered on questions provided by ESU 10 Priority Area Committees will prove to be very helpful as we make plans for future changes in our operation as well as our delivery of a program of services. Responses will be discussed May 17th when the troops gather for an All Staff Meeting opportunity. I see some good action plans being developed in the near future that will help us move forward as an organization.

The ESU 10 staff is also working on statewide projects in conjunction with the Nebraska Department of Education. Three priority areas have been targeted for mutual consideration and action: principal/teacher evaluation system, blended learning, and a statewide data collection system. More information will be shared as progress is being made in these areas.

Summer months at an Educational Service Unit can be hectic, but it is our hope we will find the time to better focus on your needs. Thank you for the quality of service that you provide for the communities that you serve.