A Message From Dr. Bell  

January 14, 2013

After spending about 50 hours meditating in the family truckster while going hither and yon for the holiday season, I find that my research and development side kicked in and organizational plans for the next six months have emerged on paper with the use of my favorite hotel pen garnered from the last national conference I attended. Jason Everett, Ron Cone, John Stritt, Matt Blomstedt, and a myriad of others have me pointed toward management by Google docs, but the feel of that pen scratching out details on a legal pad is such a soothing feeling for me. I’ll transcribe these thoughts to the modern world later.

There are still so many questions and answers about ESU 10 topics, but I’m going to wait a month before delving into that abyss again. This month’s thoughts turn to management thoughts as the fiscal year begins to wind down and assessment centers on achievements for the year and direction for the future.

The ESU 10 staff will once again meet on February 11th to take the next step down the path of Continuous Improvement Process. The four Priority Area Committees continue to look to provide professional, knowledgeable, responsible
staff; to strengthen and develop customized products and services; to bridge gaps of time and distance through maximum utilization of resources; and, to assist our customers in identifying and achieving future goals.

This process has been as slow and arduous for us as it is for all of you. Great care is taken to target all available resources to meet your needs as we “partner with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support.” Our resources have been worn thin by the many school district needs so we must work our process to become even smarter at what we do. Your constant feedback is appreciated to help us get where we need to go. It is my hope you will see a new, streamlined program evaluation tool in the spring.

It’s easy to have new opportunities for all of you – but unless those opportunities meet your needs they are like snowflakes blowing across the plains of central Nebraska. They seldom stick, but every once in a while they get slowed down and form drifts. If you have lived in Nebraska long enough you will know that drifts can be good or bad depending on how you view them. They can either bog you down when you get stuck in them or provide you resources for fun and adventure. I’m hoping the flakes around here provide you with the latter as we work together to provide great educational opportunities for students, teachers, and administrators.

We look forward to an exciting 2013. Let the journey begin.