The Big Five of Reading  

August 30, 2013
Sixteen teachers from the ESU 10 area attended a five-day course on the Big 5 of Reading. The 5 components of effective Reading instruction include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. This course was designed to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the research behind the components, how to evaluate the core reading series to determine if enhancement of a component is necessary, and to effectively teach these components. The following responses were submitted by the participants on the final day of class:

My biggest “A-HA” moment was….

  • how simple it is to plan interventions that aren’t “canned” or belong to anyone else.
  • learning the process of how students acquire comprehension.
  • knowing that I actually do some of these things already.
  • language origins-where our words come from and why.
  • explicit vocabulary instruction is essential.
  • phoneme blending and phoneme segmentation are the most important.

One thing I will take back to my classroom….

  • how to incorporate vocabulary notebooks.
  • more vocabulary games, strategies, and teaching techniques.
  • are all the fluency strategies.
  • is the gradual release of responsibility teaching strategy (I do, We do, You do).
  • explicit instruction for vocabulary.
The best part about this week was….

  • learning about how to access the Florida Center of Reading Research.
  • learning new strategies in each area; different strategies to implement in my class for the coming year.
  • quality time with other professionals and gaining lots of ideas.
  • learning different ways to do fluency activities and the numerous resources and ideas especially in the areas of fluency and vocabulary.
  • meeting new people, laughter and great company.
  • getting together with other teachers enriching my knowledge of the Big 5.