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November 11, 2013

I recently had the privilege of attending the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science (NATS) Fall Conference. All of the sessions I went to were excellent, and I am excited to share what I learned with ESU 10 science teachers. My favorite session was Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) at the Zoo, which was facilitated by the curriculum director of the Henry Doorly Zoo. During this half-day trip to the zoo, we were able to go behind-the-scenes to talk with zookeepers, see how the animals are cared for when they are off display, and learn about the Educational Outreach programs offered.

At the upcoming Science Teachers Network, I am going to share the resources with the attending teachers. Schools can connect with zookeepers directly via distance learning to explore topics like ocean conservation, genetics, camouflage, zoo careers, desert adaptations, and rain forest life. Teachers can also check out “zoo-to-you” trunks that include interactive activities, hands-on lessons, animal artifacts including sea shells, replica shark jaw, and penguin egg replicas, life-size animal prints of sea turtles or penguins, as well as videos and books. Additionally, the zoo maintains an extensive library of free digital resources including audio, video, and classroom materials.
by Emily Jameson, Professional Development Coordinator

Science Teachers Network
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