On the Road  

December 02, 2013
The ESU 10 Adolescent Literacy Project began its third year the week of  November 11, 2013, and continues through March, 2014. In between trainings, ESU 10 Professional Development Coordinators have the opportunity to visit teacher’s classrooms to facilitate Learning Walks. Through this observation process, teachers, administrators, and ESU 10 staff have conversations to enhance student engagement in classrooms. We have seen growth in classrooms throughout Central Nebraska for the past two years and are excited for our third year to begin. We have 210 new participants that began the project on November 13.

The Adolescent Literacy Project continues to open doors for ESU 10 Professional Development Coordinators to collaborate with administrators and teachers. Throughout October and early November, I have had the opportunity to venture away from the office and into ESU 10 schools. I have visited 44 classrooms in eight different ESU 10 school buildings. I look forward to the possibility of visiting 88 additional teacher classrooms from the end of November through early January.

I have also been on the road assisting school districts with the implementation and analysis of NWEA MAP data. I have worked with six ESU 10 school districts this fall on analyzing their students’ test scores. After analyzing the data, teachers are being taught how to apply the data to meet all students’ instructional needs. ESU 10 continues to grow in the number of schools that are administering the NWEA MAP assessment. Kelly Clapp and I find ourselves busy meeting the needs of the 19 ESU 10 NWEA Consortia member schools. The ESU 10 vans will continue to rack up the miles as the Professional Development Department members and I hop in the vans and hit the road to assist schools in implementing quality instruction and data practices.

-by Denise O’Brien, Professional Development.Coordinator