A Message From Dr. Bell  

November 29, 2013
The ESU 10 Continuous Improvement Process keeps surging forward. The four Priority Area Committees are making great progress and measurable results are finding their way into the ever improving fabric that is ESU 10. The time has come that we take the next step to seek AdvanceED Educational Service Agency Accreditation. This process is what we have loosely followed in our pursuit of excellence and provides a national protocol for educational service agencies committed to systemic, systematic, and sustainable continuous improvement. The ESA Accreditation process invites agencies to collaborate in reviewing the quality and impact of the agency’s systems and their services that support teaching and learning. The process supports, enhances, and stimulates growth and improvement throughout the agency.

Once again I have turned to my favorite Canadian philosopher, Red Green, and followed his advice, “When the going gets tough, switch to power tools.” This is the most powerful tool we could find to meet our needs.

The ESU 10 Superintendent Advisory Council asked that I inform all of you on how the statewide ESU group is working with the Nebraska Department of Education. By law, the NDE Leadership Group and the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council must engage in two planning sessions each year. The current discussions center around three initiatives: BlendEd, Teacher /Principal Evaluation, and Statewide Longitudinal Data Projects. Progress is being made in each of these areas and more information will be shared as work is accomplished. It is all good because this helps ESU 10 as it “partners with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support.”

Well, I’m ready for Thanksgiving. There is once again so much for which to be grateful. Even loyalty to the Kansas City Chiefs is being rewarded this year. As I type this article the team is still undefeated and is guaranteed to not have a losing season for the first time in forever. This is good because one stipulation my wife required of me upon agreement for marriage was that I had to cheer for the Chiefs “WITH GUSTO”! That has not been an easy task over the recent years, but for those of you who know NFL football, it turned out to be a great time to spurn my previously favored Minnesota Vikings. I look better in red rather than purple anyway!

Here’s hoping each of you has a wonderful Thanksgiving as we all gear up for the big push prior to Christmas. Sometimes we all need to relax and recharge our batteries. Mine seem to be charged best after great quantities of pumpkin pie.

Thank you for all that you do to improve teaching and learning for the children in the ESU 10 area. Many people are thankful for your efforts. You make a difference.