Explicit Instruction  

October 02, 2013

Do you crave college credit, collegiality, and cognitive energy??? If you do, we would like to extend an invitation to Explicit Instruction; a course we will be offering during the spring semester at ESU 10 (starting in January).

This course is a structured study of the research and instructional routines presented in the book Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching (Archer & Hughes, 2011). Using the chapters of the book as a framework, participants will be challenged to consider the what, why, and how of using well-planned, research-supported instructional routines to improve or augment their professional practice. Throughout the course, participants will have multiple opportunities to discover occasions for application and evaluate how explicit instruction aligns with their current K-12 classroom.

Course Objectives the participants will be able to:

  • select critical content for lessons, breaking complex tasks into obtainable pieces.
  • design organized, systematic, intentional lessons that contain an opening, a body, and a closing, adjusting the lesson to the content (skills, strategies, concepts, vocabulary, academic rules, facts).
  • present lessons in an engaging manner that optimize student attention and learning.
  • elicit student responses throughout the lesson.
  • constantly monitor the accuracy of students’ responses and adjust the lesson based on student performance.
  • provide immediate feedback on students’ responses in order to close the gap between current and desired practice.
  • provide judicious practice on skills, strategies, concepts, vocabulary, academic rules, and facts to ensure retention.
  • create a classroom climate that promotes appropriate behavior, academic learning, positive relationships with peers and the teacher.

We hope that offering an evening course that allows you to receive college credit through Hastings College is something that interests you and would be of benefit. Please, register here or contact Susan Evans at sevans@esu10.org if you have any questions about the course.