Common Core State Standards  

December 06, 2013

November 7 and 8, I was afforded the opportunity to attend a workshop sponsored by the Marzano Research Laboratory. This workshop entitled “Common Core State Standards” gave the participants the confidence for implementing the standards effectively and efficiently.

Dr. Marzano and two members of his leadership team led us through a four module training series that will help schools transition to   the Common Core State Standards. The learning objectives were to:
    discover the purpose, organization, and content of CCSS
    learn the three facets of text complexity and how these relate to CCSS for Language Arts
    understand instructional and assessment practices that support CCSS
    learn about proficiency scales and how they support CCSS implementation
    study CCSS assessment process, specifically in relation to potential item types

Each of the four modules address these questions:
What are the Common Core State Standards?
How do proficiency scales support CCSS implementation?
What instructional practices support CCSS implementation?
What assessment practices support CCSS implementation?

Although Nebraska may not formally adopt the CCSS, our districts can learn the effective instructional strategies included in this training to address the six instructional shifts that the CCSS require. These six shifts are:
    1. increase reading of informational text
    2. text complexity
    3. academic vocabulary
    4. text-based answers
    5. writing from sources
    6. literacy instruction in all content areas

I am anxious to discuss my learning with my colleagues at ESU 10 and brainstorm some ways that we can support our teachers in implementing good instructional strategies and supporting our districts in making the structural changes necessary to improve our instructional and assessment practices.

-by Susan Evans, Professional Development Coordinator