A Message From Dr. Bell  

December 06, 2012

My goodness! It’s hard taking the ESU 10 sleigh off blocks this year because of the nice weather. Mike Miller, the ESU 10 route driver, is definitely not complaining. He travels about 800 miles each week ferrying a wide variety of things throughout the ESU 10 area. He would be our version of Santa Claus – and just as jolly! His routes are just another example of how “ESU 10 partners with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support.” The miles driven over the years have slowly decreased due to other methods of delivery – but Mike provides a valued service.

Speaking of valued service – I was fortunate enough to accompany three staff members to the Association of Educational Service Agencies Fall Conference held in Tampa, Florida. Kelly Clapp, Nate McClenahan, and Denise O’Brien did an excellent job representing Nebraska. They provided a learning opportunity for other ESAs in the nation by highlighting the new ESU 10 plan for Teacher Evaluation & Data Collection: A Collaborative Process. The key to the whole plan is the continued participation by building principals in our area. Folks around the nation were impressed by the intelligence and culmination of effort by this collaboration. It is great to hear again and again how lucky we are to work with such a dedicated group of professionals in the school districts served by ESU 10. Nate handed out candy to those asking questions at the session. I think those of you involved in this collaborative process should make note of that and
receive a reward as well when you attend the next meeting.

It’s time for all of you to be putting together your ESU 10 wish lists. Please tell any ESU 10 staff member if there is some program or service you would like to see delivered that has not been provided. One thing I find out consistently is the fact that it’s hard to know everything that is provided by the service unit. You will find more consistent, intentional public relations efforts in the future which will highlight all of the opportunities available through this agency. Shoot, there are times that I even need to be reminded of things that we do and I’ve been hanging around here for 19 years.

The holiday season is hectic. Here’s hoping that each of you have some time to relax and reflect about all of your blessings this year as you look forward to the future. I wish each of you a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your holiday hiatus and we’ll all hit it especially hard when 2013 rings in a new year.

Here’s a final toast for you. May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s Resolutions!