CTE Teachers and Counselors Tour Broken Bow Wind Farm  

July 16, 2012

On June 13, 2012 ten Career and Technical Education teachers and guidance counselors participated in a tour of the Broken Bow Wind Farm. The purpose of the tour was to provide an opportunity for CTE teachers to analyze current business and industry needs in order to provide their students with a broader understanding of career opportunities and qualifications.

The day began at Broken Bow High School with an informative presentation about wind energy in Nebraska. The presentation was given by John Richards, NPPD engineer. Mr. Richards shared the technical and logistical information pertinent to wind energy production and NPPD's role in the Broken Bow Wind Farm.

Following the presentation, the group traveled to the wind farm northeast of town. There, the tour participants were met by Bart Richardson, Broken Bow Wind Farm site manager. Mr. Richardson detailed the planning and construction of the wind turbines. The teachers and guidance counselors viewed the massive disassembled parts of a wind turbine during the visit as Mr. Richards and Mr. Richardson described aspects of assembly and functioning of the wind turbines.

The tour concluded with a debriefing of the day and discussion about how the information gained would be shared with students in the classroom. There will be one more opportunity for CTE teachers and counselors to tour an area business on July 23, 2012 at Good Samaritan Hospital. Several Health Sciences Careers will be highlighted.

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