The Big 5 of Reading  

August 20, 2012

Teaching reading is both an art and a science, and both aspects are necessary for students to improve reading achievement. This workshop helped teachers gain a deeper understanding of the science of reading. Participants were given an in-depth look at each of the Big 5 components (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension) and how to effectively teach them.

Kari Malleck, Elementary Reading and Special Ed teacher, and Jason Stubbs, High School English teacher, of Amherst Public Schools attended this five day workshop held at ESU 10 in July. Kari said "I attended this workshop to learn the aspects of reading and how best to teach students. This workshop will help me teach low readers and new readers the elements they need to know to be successful readers."

Jason said "I had never taken a class to teach reading, knowing the basic strategies will help me teach struggling High School students in English. Using these aspects will better enhance the curriculum we are already using. Participants in the workshop prepared one lesson each day, so we were able to experience teaching a lesson using these methods and hear five others. We left the workshop with a good grasp of this type of reading instruction."