Technology Tips for Teachers  

March 23, 2012

A Few Good Apps

For this month I thought I would write an article about a few interesting apps that I have used in the classroom and everyday life.

The first is Socrative, a student response system that allows teachers to do a number of interesting exercises in the classroom. The first option allows you to emcee three types of questions (True/False, Short Answer, and Multiple Choice) during class. Student results are revealed in real time. A cool feature with short answers is the option to have the class vote on submitted answers. As a teacher you can edit the responses before you have the class vote on responses.

Some of the other options are quizzes (multiple choice and short answer), an exit ticket activity, and a Space Race team quiz option. Maybe the best part is that you do not need an iPod to use this service. There is a student web link and a teacher web link that allows you to do the same activities as the app.

Google Search App is a fun app to investigate information. It has an image search, voice search, and connects to your Google account to save your searches. The image search uses the camera on your device, it is not perfect, but it does a good job finding information from a single image. I think there are some creative ways to use this app outside the classroom, a nature scavenger hunt, or researching products for a Home Economics class.

The NYPL Biblion: World's Fair is an awesome interactive look into the World Fair of 1940 with articles and photos from the New York Public Library archives. This is an app that allows you to learn history through an event that connected the world. One of the stacks is "The World of Tomorrow," a look at what society thought the future would be like.

OK, I'm going to mention it... Words With Friends. My second son loves playing this game with his friends and family. His grandfather recently mentioned that he could see improvement in the words he was playing. Games can be a fun way to learn, and there are many game apps that are fun and teach at the same time.
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-by Jamey Boelhower, Remote Learning Speciialist