ESU 10 Assists In Kearney Storytelling Festival  

January 23, 2012

Kindergarten through second grade students from Burwell, Sandhills/Halsey and Spalding participated in the Kearney Area Storytelling Festival on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, thanks to video conferencing technology provided by ESU 10. Suzi Whaples, national storyteller from West Virginia, shared some stories with students within the ESU 10 district more than 50 miles away. Coming from the library world, Suzi has 30 years of storytelling experience, is a great advocate for literacy, and her stories reflect a love of reading. The stories she tells are almost all her own experiences and creations.

John Stritt, Distance Education Coordinator at ESU 10 says, "We are excited to have the equipment and be able to expand the classroom walls by video conferencing events such as this. Students at a distance from Kearney now have the opportunity to participate with the technology available to us."  To view Suzi's video click here.