A Message From Dr. Bell  

February 08, 2012
My goodness! Change is messy. I'm sure this is not breaking news for any of you, but I am reminded of it constantly as we muddle through the ESU 10 continuous improvement process. It is my hope that our efforts will yield benefits and efficiencies for all of you as we "partner with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support." Much is being done as we collect and interpret great quantities of data. You will be the judges as programs and services are developed and modified to hopefully better meet your many and varied needs.

I'm hoping Dr. Albert Schweitzer was incorrect when talking about the acquisition of knowledge. He surmised that, "As we acquire knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious." I've been to four mystery theater events in the past few years and have yet to figure out the culprit responsible for the crime. Matter of fact, I can't even get the weapon or crime scene correct. During one session I was actually killed at the beginning and ended up floating around the room for the duration of the event as a mute angel. For those that know me just picture that in your mind. It's tough being officially clueless, so I intend to make sure the ESU 10 process provides results that even I can understand.

Each year about this time I try to remind you to be aware of actions being considered by the Nebraska Legislature. We all have opinions as to the merits of the plethora of bills that pile up in front of our elected officials. Take the time to stay informed and notify your representatives of your opinions. State Senator Galen Hadley mentioned that to me again just last week. He likes to know what his constituents are thinking. I'm sure that is the case of all elected representatives. After watching recent serious floor debate I was amused at a thought Rita Rudner shared many years ago that seems especially true in Nebraska. She said, "Men in high levels of government seldom surf." When I'm sitting in the gallery watching these fine representatives work and you see me start smiling you will know what's going through my mind as I visualize them on surf boards.

Carol Smith is the ESU 10 representative that keeps us aligned with the Educators Health Alliance (EHA) Wellness Program. The thought this month is that laughter is the best medicine. I hope this article has given you a dose of laughter. I'm sure you will reciprocate the next time you see me.

Here's hoping you have a great month.