A Message From Dr. Bell  

October 04, 2012

The school year has blasted off once again and all ESU 10 staff is once again in full stride offering service to all of our publics. Challenges seem to abound this year, but we are working diligently to provide efficient and effective services to meet your needs.

It might be good to remind you that this organization does have a continuous improvement process in place as we “partner with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support.” The ESU 10 Unit Improvement Team has asked me to remind all of you of the four priority areas where committees focus improvement efforts.

• To provide professional, knowledgeable, responsive staff
• To strengthen and develop customized products and services.
• To bridge gaps of time and distance through maximum utilization of resources.
• To assist our customers in identifying and achieving their future goals.

Each priority area is working on surveys to help collect baseline data to move projects forward. More information will be shared from each committee as they move through this process. Progress has been slow and steady as staff works to solidify a viable program of services that meets needs and promotes student achievement in the region. We thank you for your continued support and feedback.

This all reminds me of something I read a few years ago in Douglas B. Reeves’ book, Leading Change in Your School. He started a discussion of change by stating that one must pull the weeds before planting the garden. This stuck in my mind because at the time I had a house on a large corner lot that seemed to have more weeds than normal. No matter how hard I worked I never got ahead of that yard. The poor flowers always seemed to struggle.

We’re in that stage of growth now with the ESU 10 continuous improvement process. We need to keep pulling the weeds that pop up, but the bedding is getting in good enough shape to produce a bountiful harvest in the future. I hope to continue applying the appropriate resources, or fertilizer, to the mix to ensure solid growth for years to come.