A Message From Dr. Bell  

July 11, 2012

It has been a hot summer already and the season is just starting. No, I'm not talking about the weather outside. It's the hot topics, warm bodies, and energetic learners spending time in the ESU 10 building this summer as they partner with ESU 10 staff and contracted presenters "to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support." It's exciting to see all of the energy and enthusiasm in the building.

It's also the time of year when the Network Information Services staff is out and about completing upgrades and installations. The recent upgrade at ESU 10 seems to have gone without a hitch and I am assured the same result will be shared by all who receive these technology services. I've also noticed that the men in the cave, formally known as the Computer/AV Service Center, are digging their way out from under a pile of machines that arrived for service and repair.

The Network Information Systems staff is sharing the highways and byways with the Cooperative Purchasing crew as they deliver over $400,000 worth of supplies to school districts in the region in about eight weeks. 13 employees have been hired this summer to make sure all of the orders are filled and delivered to the right locations in a prompt and efficient manner.

The Special Education Department area is being painted as I type while some of the staff is at a conference and others are out in the field providing summer services to students. The pink and mauve walls will be no more.

The Professional Development Staff is working closely with the Technology Trainers to provide an intense immersion into the world of Team Blue. This development and support will continue into the school year for all of these inaugural participants.

The Administration staff is feverishly ending and starting budget years and making sure all staff contracts are in place for existing and new staff.

Someone once asked what we do here all summer since the schools aren't in session. This is actually one of the busiest times of year at ESU 10. Actions accomplished during the summer propel us into the start of the next school year. Life is always exciting at ESU 10. Sometimes things get a bit crazy, but we adhere to the philosophy of Mario Andretti. He said, "If everything is under control, you are going too slow."

You won't find any slow moving vehicle signs at ESU 10!