Digging Deeper Into Differentiation  

July 26, 2012

Teachers Roxanne Whiting, Carol Keiser, and Teresa Messersmith of Gothenburg High School recently received a grant to attend a national Differentiation Training. An element of the grant involves them sharing their newly acquired skills/knowledge with other Nebraska educators.
On June 25, 2012 the three teachers led a workshop at ESU 10 incorporating differentiated instruction (DI) philosophies, tools, and practical examples to meet the tremendous need of teachers trying to effectively reach the students of today.

The 21st century learners no longer respond to 30 minute lectures, worksheets, and uniform instructional methods. The modern student thrives in utilizing multitasking, networking, multifunctional devices, all facets of technology, and highly engaging entertainment. The traditional method of the assembly-line, production-line based education is no longer effective for 21st century students.

This workshop included engaging presentations to inspire teachers to embrace the DI mindset through hands-on activities, classroom examples, and resources that equip them with practical tools to challenge their students individually. The workshop also provided interactive modeling opportunities for the participants to practice everyday strategies that meet a wide variety of learning styles and levels of thinking.