Technology Tips for Teachers  

August 03, 2011

Welcome to the first "Technology Tips for Teachers", or otherwise known as the "T3" article. The goal of this column is to provide ideas for the classroom on all aspects of technology: hardware, web 2.0 tools, software, and mobile devices, to mention just a few. Through these monthly articles I hope to help educators reach their professional goals regarding integrating technology into their lessons.

My plan includes instructional videos, articles discussing research, and interviewingeducators about the great things they are doing with technology. This column will grow and change just as technology does, but the purpose will stay the same, to be a small part of the professional development of educators.

On that note, let me make three recommendations for the start of the year.

1. Take a virtual field trip. eNVISion ( has started a compilation of programs for educators to discover virtual fi eld trips that would match curriculum for any grade level. The technological aspect is easy; most schools have distance-learning equipment. The virtual fi eld trip just needs to be planned, and that takes a little work.

2. Connect with other educators through Social Media. Twitter is my favorite, but the platform is not the important part, it is the ability to connect, share, and learn from a wide range of people. You can follow me: jdog90

3. Try that one idea you have been thinking of but somehow every year it gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list. Whatever the idea is, try it this year. You know you've been planning on it, so this is the year. I hope to connect with you as the year progresses, to provide some cool tips, and to have a little fun. Have a great year!