Technology Tips for Teachers  

November 08, 2011

One of the cool aspects of my position is the ability to investigate new technology and then use that technology in the distance learning classes that I teach. I also get to share these ideas with my own children. I am really starting to love the idea of a mobile classroom. Not
only for me as a teacher, but for the power this idea actually gives to our students. Learning can happen anywhere or anytime.

It is not possible for a single article to cover the vast amount of possibilities to make your classroom mobile. I will simply cover a few ideas, share a few apps, and hopefully generate some ideas for you.

The first app I want to share is Screen Chomp. This app is a recordable whiteboard for the iPad. I am using it to create "bite size" editing lessons for my English Composition class. I keep the links on my website for them to access at anytime. Another popular whiteboard app is Show Me, it is just a matter of which one you prefer.

Flashcards have always been a cornerstone in classrooms. There are a ton of different apps for students to take their flashcards with them. They can study their L to J list, or Spanish vocabulary on the go. I use for the creation of my flashcards. There are a few fun components to their site that I like. Scan the QR code to see one of my stacks.

Using QR codes in the classroom has endless possibilities. QR codes can be linked to websites, text messages, YouTube videos, and endless types of information. I recently sent out cards to the TECHS students with a link to a video Easter egg on my website. I challenged them in the video to find a way to use a QR code in their school.

With many of the mobile devices having a camera, there are a ton of different ways for students to learn on the go. A new app my kids are using is Historypin. The app allows you to see history through photographs pinned to a map. Users can pin photos to places on the map. You can view the photos at anytime, but if you happen to be physically at the same spot, the app allows you to view the spot with the photo layered over your camera view.

I think the new buzzword should be the mobile classroom. We always want our students to be life long learners, and mobile technology allows us to do that if we design lessons that show the students the power they have to learn when they are on the go. Share your mobile lessons on ESU 10's Facebook page or with me on Twitter.


Written By: Jamie Boelhower, Remote Learning Specialist