2011-2012 Teacher Networks  

August 24, 2011

Teacher networks are the newest development in our evolution of teacher's community groups. Professional learning is more fun, more productive, and more relative when you can work in groups.  The purpose of networks at ESU 10 is to provide professional development specific to your curricular needs helping you enhance your students' learning opportunities.

Who should come to these network meetings? You! There are many different curricular focuses this year. Please join us for one or more of our workshops if you want to strengthen your own learning! You can find these offerings on https://odie.esu10.org.

These meetings are never the same! Once you register, you will begin your journey of learning with us. During this time you will receive tips for enhancing instruction, share best practices, discuss the latest issues in your content area, network and connect with peers, and learn new technology trends and tips! Each meeting will have new topics and materials.

Talk to your principal and get registered! We are looking forward to seeing you here at ESU 10!  Click here to see a complete schedule.