School House Graphic Products Gets a New Laser  

November 30, 2011

Art, industrial technology, and business classes at Arnold Public High School of Arnold, Nebraska, joined forces in 2002 to create a student-run graphic sign company named School House Graphic Products, (SHGP).  Powered by creativity and cutting edge technology, the company provides students opportunities to explore their talents, be they artistic, technical, or managerial.

SHGP recently bought a new laser. The new laser cost about $20,100 and enables the business to engrave glass material. The new laser is a lot faster, bigger, and more powerful than the old one.

We are also experimenting with 3D wraparounds," said Dillon Olson, a junior that is a member of SHGP. It is pretty amazing to watch this thing in action, as the words "PROPERTY OF ARNOLD PUBLIC SCHOOLS" was engraved on the bottom of my computer; in about 30 seconds it was done.

Examples of jobs the students have completed are: Signs and banners for businesses in the village of Arnold and surrounding communities, banners and race car numbers for the Sandhills Open Road Challenge, personalization/identification names for laptop computers nationwide, plaques/awards for athletic events, 911 road identification signs for Custer County, Nebraska, and trophies for National American Miss Beauty Pageants.