Nebraska State Accountability- NeSA Podcasts  

February 10, 2011

ESU 10 Professional Development Coordinators collaborated with Joelene Dredge from ESU 2 and Carol Jessen from ESU 8 to create a podcast series entitled "Under­standing NeSA". The podcast series will have short segments on the following NeSA topics:

  • What is NeSA?
  • Table of Specifications
  • Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
  • Performance Level De­scriptors (PLDs)
  • Raw Scores & Scale Scores
  • NeSA Reports Interpretive Guide
  • NeSA Approved Accommodations

The purpose of the podcast series is to provide teachers and administrators access to NeSA tutorial information at any time of the day. Each podcast includes a topical description including how to find NeSA documents on the Nebraska Department of Education website. The podcasts are housed on the ESU 10 website on the Professional Development page.