A Message From Dr. Bell  

August 02, 2011

What a summer!  I'm way too hot to share long pontifications this month so you will get the pithy version of Wayne Bell. 

It is my hope that everyone is having a productive summer as another school year creeps our direction.  July brought frenetic activity to ESU 10 and August looks to be just as busy.

I have just returned from the Association of Educational Service Agencies Leadership Conference.  The theme this summer examined the role of educational service agencies in the transformation of America's schools.  It was an extremely interesting conference and it was good to discover that ESU 10 has made positive steps to meet this challenge.  You will hear more in the future on this topic as ESU 10 staff members prepare to help you wrap education around the learner so we can all work more efficiently to get learning right the first time - every time. 

Not to give them free advertising, but I see ESU 10 serving a role like the Travelers Umbrella.  Change is dangerous.  It is my hope that we can provide a network that shares the risk and promotes protection and collaboration for all to make sustainable changes that benefit our educational system.  

I'll leave you with one final, challenging thought.  Margaret Mead  wrote, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."