Library Media News  

September 08, 2011
Media routes run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Contact Susan Sandoval at 308-237-2280 or by email at for more information.

FREE Media Services
Check out the online media catalog and Power Media Plus on the ESU 10 website on ODIE at    If you have questions or are having trouble using the catalog, we do provide training. You can choose the method below that will work the best for you and call or email Susan Sandoval to set up a day and time.
  • on-site in-service can be held at your school at your convenience    
  • in-service at ESU 10
  • in-service through distance learning
  • individual training via telephone    
Lamination Order Forms
Please be sure to fill out the order form when sending in your material to be laminated. Always use the large blue bag that is provided free to your school. If you do not have a bag, ask Michael our driver, or contact Susan.

ODIE Account
To place an order through the Media Catalog, an ODIE account is required. Go to

Did you know...
...we have eliminated all VHS titles that are older than the release year of 2000, except for the classics and the items with high usage.

...there will be 70 new titles added to our catalog and streaming server early this fall.

...ODIE library has titles directly available through direct-streaming without having to go through Power Media Plus. Your viewing choice will be Windows Media or Quick Time.

Media Product usage has continued to be consistent! Thank you for using and choosing our services and materials! Remember: We are here to help you!

How do I extend my items for one more week?
In the ODIE library section on the left side of the screen click on My Reservations. Find the title that you would like to extend for one more week and click on the blue EXTEND button. It's that simple! A confirmation email will be sent to you. Please make any item extensions the day before the route arrives at your school.

Written by: Susan Sandoval, Media Center Specialist