ESU 10 Hosts Kearney Central 1st Grade Classes  

March 15, 2011

Julie Everett, Kearney Public Schools Learning Coach, recently coordinated several learning stations on weather at ESU 10 for Central Elementary 1st grade students.  Kearney Public teachers, along with ESU 10 staff Deanna Stall, Jason Everett, and William Bolen guided students through various stations throughout the morning.  Some of the stations included a wind speed project, making a weather book, a science experiment creating clouds, and recording weather forecasts in ESU 10's green room!  The classes returned to school to watch a video of themselves as weather men and women!

After the morning concluded Julie said, "The children seemed to be very engaged in the learning process and enjoyed the many facets of our morning together. Projects that integrate technology into curriculum and engage students are really meaningful. Thank you to everyone that made this project possible!"