A Message from Dr. Bell - September  

September 23, 2011
Summer is hectic at ESU 10. The Nebraska Council for School Administrators (NCSA) Administrator Days held in Kearney each year are always a good reminder that the summer months of upgrading, training and learning are about to show results as new and refined knowledge is actuated in the school districts served by ESU 10 as "we partner with our customers to meet changing needs through professional expertise, training, and support".

Wow! It actually sounds like I had a vocabulary and writing skills upgrade this summer.

Well anyway, I had the opportunity to listen to Jon Gordon at Administrator Days. He shared some interesting thoughts which tied in nicely with the ESU 10 Continuous Improvement Process. I know what he had to say has merit because I documented and actually photographed our beloved Nebraska Commissioner of Education, Roger Breed, diligently taking copious notes throughout the presentation.

Here's the challenge I would like to present to the ESU 10 staff as we begin committee work in four priority areas. Maybe some of Mr. Gordon's thoughts might prove useful for the rest of you as well.

1. Fuel up with optimism. Change your vocabulary from "have to" to "get to".
2. Show a compelling vision for the future.
3. Love all the passengers we take along on this educational ride.
4. Drive with passion and purpose. All action must be accompanied by excellence.
5. Take time to reflect and focus.

Let ESU 10 staff members and me know when you see these thoughts translated into action. We must be committed to make things happen day after day and year after year. Our progress will be shared throughout this year as we move forward, with your help, to provide the possible support for all of you.