Level I Crisis Team Training held at ESU 10  

September 20, 2010

Dr. John Dudley, national speaker and published author, came to ESU 10 on September 20 – 21, 2010 to train area school staff and community members on how to prepare for and respond to school tragedies.

Dr. Dudley developed Lincoln schools (now nationally recognized) school crisis response program. Since then he has trained over 6000 school crisis response teams across North America and has helped schools respond to over 2,800 student and staff deaths. For six years following the school shooting in Jonesboro (Arkansas), Dr. Dudley traveled to the Jonesboro area one week a month to work with schools directly impacted by that tragedy.

At the request of the Oklahoma City school district, Dr. Dudley led the response in their schools after the bombing of the federal building. John has helped numerous communities directly impacted by the events of September 11, 2001. Based on his experiences helping schools manage the aftermath of student and staff deaths and his work with thousands of school districts, Dr. Dudley focuses on how to successfully respond to crisis situations without creating additional crisis.

After John worked with the Aurora (Colorado) public schools Dr. Dave Zeckser, Aurora’s Associate Superintendent, wrote of Dr. Dudley:

“Before Columbine, before Conyers, before Stockton or Oklahoma City, John Dudley was helping kids, educators and communities deal with grief, crisis, and emergencies. As an educator, he knows the unique needs for balance between school security and a nurturing student-centered environment. His skills at working with educators and parents draw out the best of local solutions while also infusing the latest current practice and a wealth of ideas from years of crisis mitigation nation-wide. John is a fun person to work with and can inject humor and excitement into his crisis prevention and response workshops.”

“We feel privileged to have had Dr. Dudley here at ESU 10 to share his knowledge and expertise with our district educators. Participants left the workshop better prepared to effectively respond to any crisis that impacts their school” said Denise O’Brien, Professional Development Coordinator.