Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement  

Strategic Planning

Educational Service Unit 10, established leaders in education, equips districts and empowers stakeholders to meet their diverse and ever-changing needs through collaborative partnerships and tailored solutions while serving as a catalyst for innovation.

We Believe…
  • People are our greatest resource.
  • Our commitment to professional growth has a positive impact on all students.
  • Sharing our expertise broadens vision and develops capacity in others.
  • Providing equitable educational support services empowers every student, teacher, administrator, and community.
  • The best way to serve and lead is through positive relationships and collaboration.

  • We will attract, develop, and retain the highest quality staff dedicated to achieving our mission and objectives.
  • We will utilize annual stakeholder feedback to improve, expand, or eliminate programs and services.
  • We will provide access to relevant professional growth opportunities for member school districts.
  • We will always fulfill our responsibilities to our member schools, regardless of size or location, in a timely and professional manner.
  • We will not tolerate any unprofessional or demeaning behavior.
  • We will always plan, prepare and adjust to provide the safest environment possible.

  • ESU 10 member districts’ satisfaction with services and solutions will increase annually.
  • ESU 10 staff will provide leadership at the local, regional, state and national levels.

  • We will foster an innovative and collaborative culture to optimize the effectiveness of ESU 10.
  • We will cultivate collaborative relationships to identify current needs and collective expertise to develop innovative solutions and services.
  • We will utilize a strategic communication plan to effectively showcase the impact of ESU 10.