2- Day Structured Teaching for Students with Classic Autism  

Participants will learn the important components of structured teaching including
the following: Structuring the Environment, Individual Daily Schedules, Work Systems/Work Tasks & Using visuals in the areas of: Communication, Sensory, & Social.

Participants will receive hands on resources and links to Structured Teaching files that include
photos of structured tasks, job boxes and visuals.

NOTE:  This training will not focus on strategies for individuals with autism with average to above average cognitive abilities.

Registration Deadline: August 10, 2022

Register online at https://odie.esu10.org to access an Odie workshop, register or to request an Odie account. If you have difficulty requesting an account, please contact Denise Neill, dneill@esu10.org, at 308-237-5927.

Sarah Haahr, Jamie Lewis
ESU 10 Kearney NE - Conference Rooms B & C - North Wing
August 24, 2022      8:30 AM       3:30 PM  
August 25, 2022      8:30 AM       3:30 PM  
Special Education & Paraeducators (PK-12), General Education Teachers & Early Childhood Teachers who work with students autism with varied levels of support needs, Community Providers, & Related Service Providers.
No, this section can NOT be taken via distance learning.
Yes, lunch is provided.
No, student support is NOT enabled for this section.
No, this section can NOT be taken for college credit.