Self-Advocacy Training  

As a student with disabilities, you face unique considerations as you plan for college. To help you address these issues, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Project NETS and EducationQuest Foundation have developed a handbook entitled, College Planning for Student with Disabilities - a supplement to the College Prep Handbook.

Becoming a self-advocate in high school will help you succeed in college. At the college level, you will be responsible for identifying and requesting support services. Parents aren't automatically involved with your college education, and most colleges prefer working directly with the student.

As a "self-advocate" you communicate your needs with logical and positive language. To be an effective self-advocate, you must understand your disability, know how it impacts your learning, and become comfortable with describing your disability and academic-related needs to others. Covered topics include:  Self-advocacy | Exploring Careers | Entrance Exams | College Selection | Admission and Financial Aid | Next Steps | Rights and Responsibilities

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